Kill or be kill

Everyone must all love poor people for their achievements. Dont fight us, be happy for us.

I went through the real hardcore ghetto living, many of times I sit here remembering, I love my mother and father so much if they gone I would miss them. The little what them work was our for the giving, me my mother sister and brother, we never have nothing but love for one another, going high school pants and shirt I had to share with my brother, five of grow in one bedroom with only one bed cover and we not lovers.

Those were the happiest days of my life, if it ain’t ruff it ain’t right, we use to steal electricity from the light post, until the electricity company cut it off. Sitting here thinking, I have to keep fighting any means neccessary I have to keep surviving.

Love above all evil, some people just hate me for no reason, you dont know my struggles, so dont be upset when I have champagne a bubble.