No matter what!

And even if I never see you again in my life
I’ll always have you with me
You will always be my wife
There will never be another like you again in my time
And I was such a fool to stand and watch you walk away from me

I’ll never love another girl
I just want you back in my world
Even when I’m with somebody else
If you want you can have me for yourself, ’cause

You know I love you

Two years now, it’s been so long since we parted
But I know that I can light the fire we started
Is it to late for forgiveness for the wrongs that I did you?
Take me back girl! If you want to cheat on me, I’ll forgive you!

All I have is hope and dreams
I have try until I’m weak, but I’m failed by all means
It seems I won’t get to get back inna your jeans
Mi nah go get you back no matter how I tell you, “please”
It’s the end, mi used to have you once, now we are not even friends
Mi write so many letters, finish the ink dem in the pens
Mi pray to Father God, go pon me knees, fi tell me when
Mi a go see you fi apologize, ’cause me know me must see you again.