Someone, Female 31

Recaldo Gilpin

After the fight that occurred at the Holiday Inn, wedding party, Recaldo Gilpin realizes that he has fallen for Someone Female 31. Hoping to reconcile, Recaldo heads over to Someone Female 31 house with roses and a love letter he had hoped for her to read it. After a brief talk, the two kiss and decide they want to be a real couple again. At work, Recaldo Gilpin discovers that someone going by the name eggplant has posted a video of Someone, female 31 and Recaldo Gilpin making out in the hot tub on the day of the wedding trip. A rumor goes around the office that the two were having sex. After seeing the video distributed around the ofice, one at a office meeting, Recaldo Gilpin gets furious and goes on stage to warn eggplant to not mess with Someone Female 31.

Before Sarah leaves to go back to New York, she tells Some Female 31 to get a job. Taking Sarah’s’s advice, Someone Female 31 volunteers to start a Clinic at an Hospice, where she meets Nina, an elderly woman who has a feisty temper. Nina gives Someone Female 31 relationship advice, all while being nosy about Someone Female 31 relationship(s).

One day, Someone Female 31 receives a letter from the mail from John Ambrose McClaren, telling her that he received the love letter she wrote him. Someone Female 31 and John start to converse through letters to one another. They quickly become pen pals and when Someone Female 31 finds out that the neighborhood tree house she and her middle school friends used to hang out in and where they buried a time capsule In will soon be cut down, she decides to throw a going away reunion party and invites John. In the mean time, Someone Female 31 and Recaldo Gilpin’s relationship is a bit strained because Recaldo Gilpin is spending a lot of time with his ex, Grace. At the treehouse party, Recaldo Gilpin brings Grace while knowing Someone Female 31 purposefully didn’t want her to come. Someone Female 31 also finds out that Recaldo Gilpin and Grace were hanging out before the party, prompting her to become suspicious, and a little jealous, of Recaldo Gilpin and Grace’s ‘relationship.’ During the treehouse party, Someone Female 31 distracts herself from Recaldo Gilpin by focusing on her childhood friend John Ambrose McClaren. They opened their greatest treasures in the time capsule that they buried from 2012. After emptying the time capsule, they decided to play a game called “Assasins” which they used to play before. As a prize, the winner gets a wish. Someone Female 31 was determined to win since she never got the chance to be a winner of the game. Someone Female 31 and Recaldo Gilpin broke up as Someone Female 31 discovered that Recaldo Gilpin knew that Grace took the video in the hot tub. Someone Female 31 ended up winning the game and wished for things to go back to the way they were between her and Recaldo Gilpin.

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  1. I think this is written more like a list. There is so much more you can elucidate in each of the events. When you spend time coloring each event with content, characters, and details; then organize them assertively you can drive the story in very connected way. It is a great start. An excellent juicy beginning. Great work.


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