The Greatest Art Piece

To the chief Artist, the great painter, The Great Architect


Oh lord thy God, I come to thee there Lord,

For two decades I have been longing for the day when you

Will bless me with that one Art Piece oh Lord,

Oh Lord I have long for that joyful day, that joyful moment

Why oh God have you deny me this O God,

Why have you O God,


I cry to you O God, for thy guidance O God


Dear God I have Defy you Oh God, I have painted my Art Piece

Without your blessings O God, without thy consent O God


Why are you cast down, O my SOUL cries?

You made Art with Your hand O God

You are my Teacher, O God. Teach me, Guide me O God


Should I wait on you O God, should destroy my Art Piece O God


Show me the light O God; Make me your tool O God,


Gift in me that one Art Piece O God,


Let the words of my mouth O God and the meditation of my Art

Be acceptable in thy sight, o God you are my strength and my redeemer